Order of the morning

Building the future

The seekers of knowledge, truth, innovation, expertise, healing, and restoration. Within the Order you will find students and masters of magic and archaeology at the University of Gallia, Belnik Shokal, and Azian. You will find cartographers, botanists, zoologists, linguists and explorers discovering and recording mysteries from the jungles of Marterre, the waters of Aneese, and the ruins of old Naga. You will find artisans of Solsia and gifted craftsmen as well as the technologically skilled in Axiom and Nanyan. On the Westlands of Apullan you will find students and masters of the martial arts, perfecting the secrets of self mastery and protection.

The Diligent Learner

Within the order are humanitarians and healers giving aid to refugees and soldiers and innovating medicine and cures. You will find the practiced bards, skillful poets, and expressive artists. There will be the agile and clever swordsman. Our fighters are valiant, fierce, and powerful.

We are those who thirst for knowledge, mastery, and improvement. We are those who seek out the hidden worlds, the next level of achievement. We are the innovative and creative spirits searching for further light and understanding, unlocking riddles, clever, unique, and wise. Come bring your experience and knowledge, your skill. Embrace the wealth of resources and knowledge the Order offers to the diligent learner. We seek to spread learning, light, and truth.

our values



Honor Law and Truth More

Seek, Protect and Learn

Use Your Powers and Skills in Service of Light

Our History

Our patron, the Lightbringer, is a wise and ancient being. He is a benevolent healer and a fierce foe. He has guided his light bearers to truth, learning, betterment, and enlightenment. It was he who united the whispers to create the Syndicate. Together they grew in knowledge and influence until the Syndicate headquarters, the Misted Hall, was attacked. The Voices, no longer able to agree in wisdom and right, disbanded. He continues to lead the Order in upholding right, restoring knowledge and healing the wounded. Lady Caroline Ravenwood leads the guild under his direction.

Our Magics

The magic of light allows us to cure, heal, reveal truth and even revive life.  It is a precious gift. Alternately we are able to call on dark magic to protect others and withstand attack.

Events and community

The Syndicate is all about participation. From meeting at the Evermore park online role-play, there are events for events for eveyone