Scarlet Feast

What you discover might surprise you

Beasts. Monsters. Villians. That’s what they call us. The others suppose us to be evil. Darkness to be purged. Many would revel in our deaths, celebrate our demise, but that is the nature of man. They seek to rape, murder, enslave, and destroy that which they fear…yet they fear only that which they do not understand.

So, little one, take a moment to listen and to learn. Seize this opportunity to expand your understanding, rather than listen to inane gossip and the misinformed mutterings of the mindless many.


We are the outcast. The Exiled. We are the ones whose path took them from glory to darkness. Ours are the urchins, the forgotten, and maligned. We are a family. A tribe. A pack. Those we call our kin are given the freedom to become more than they might otherwise. You see, we support our own. Protect our own. Our every action is done to strengthen our people and bring about the change necessary to build a better world.

Our World

A world where we do not need to hide. One where progress and knowledge are not stifled by dogma and deceit; for we are a people of power and persuasion. We have learned that true strength comes from more than just our numbers and spells. It comes from knowledge and unity. It comes from a perspective unencumbered by mandated morality.

We are more than the masses and, perhaps, you will one day be as well.

What we believe

There is much in the way of rumor and falsehoods surrounding our beliefs. Most people believe themselves knowledgeable about our ways and our customs. They suppose they understand us because they can observe our outward actions. However, they are — the lot of them — fools.

To truly understand the Scarlet Feast, you must become the Scarlet Feast. But first, to become, you must be initiated and then set down the path of learning our tenets. You must study their meaning and search for the secrets that do not merely rest on the surface of the words. Our teachings are as deep and vast as the darkened void beyond the stars.

You cannot drink lightly from this well. You must be consumed by it.


We were once the followers of the Taker. A beast, more creature than man. We were his soldiers and we fought alongside the others within the Syndicate to protect, preserve, or conquer as needed. We were skilled warriors and fought with a bestial ferocity…which has continued to this present day. However, our opinions of the one who once led us have certainly shifted in recent times. We no longer seek to be the mindless instruments of chaos he would have us be. Never again will we be the bloodied bones that lay, cast aside, after feeding his insatiable hunger for destruction.

Our Magics

Our magic is born of the earth of the fire that helps shape it. Just as molten rock cools and expands to shape the world, changing its form and granting life, so too do we with our abilities. We are builders, and we are shapers. With one hand we can strengthen and protect those around us, with the other, we immolate our enemies. There is no greater, nor more powerful, a combination of force and fury than the magic wielded by the Scarlet Feast.

important information

Due to the mature nature of this guild and their real-life activities and quests (many of which involve the consumption of alcohol), no persons, under the age of 21 are permitted to join under any circumstances.

Events and community

The Syndicate is all about participation. From meeting at the Evermore park online role-play, there are events for events for eveyone