Building the future

Once we were the peacekeepers, lords of balance who kept humanity safe from the whims of the Whisperers. But then, we were betrayed, our birthright snatched away and given to those bloody judicators. And so, we changed. We left our role as stone and became water, devastating in our power and beholden to none. We are the Oath Breakers. We seek the underdogs and the outcasts, the strong and the clever. Those who need no Whisperer to guide them and fear not the unknown. Come join our brotherhood and rise with us as we reclaim our former glory.

Who We Are

We are the lost and the outcast, the rebel and the downtrodden. We are those who refuse to submit to the tyranny of a Whisperer’s whims and will blaze our own path.

our values

To clear our names of the accusations against us. The other guilds blame the breaking apart of the Syndicate on us, but this is a lie. We know not who betrayed us, so we search for proof of our innocence and the means for revenge.

Our Strength

Our members come from all walks of life – warriors, nobles, pirates, and healers. As such, we have a variety of skills at our disposal and our differences make us stronger.

Our Magics

After the Schism we were driven into the wilderness and turned to the earth as a source for our magic, since we had no Whisperer to bestow it. As such, we wield the protective power of Earth and the powerful mind power of Water.

Events and community

The Syndicate is all about participation. From meeting at the Evermore park online role-play, there are events for events for eveyone