Neverdawn Network

Who We Are

We are shadow, we are freedom. Though many believe you must be a spy or an assassin to join the Neverdawn Network, that’s not necessarily true. We are a diverse group of independent individuals from all walks of life who are simply tired of being told what we can and can’t do by pretentious do-gooders. In the Neverdawn Network, we are not afraid to be who we truly are.

In The Dark We Are Free

Before the Schism, the Dweller in Shadow led an underground organization. This sect of the Syndicate was used to undermine governments, and discredit anyone who stood in the Syndicate’s way. By the time the feral armies of the Taker poured in to slaughter those who stood against us, the people were ready for The Syndicate’s changes. At the right hand of the Dweller in Shadow was a man by the name of Tenebris Nox – a mastermind of subterfuge.

Although what truly happened on the night of the Schism is still shrouded in mystery, it is clear that a New Tenebris Nox sits at the right hand of the Dweller in Shadow. She is known as the Shadowspeaker. She communicates with the Dweller in Shadow as he watches from his rightful place: The Dark.

The dark may be frightening at first, but stay awhile. Your eyes will adjust. The light is what will blind you. Be not afraid of what lurks in the dark, be afraid of what pretends in the light.

What do we stand for

I take care of myself, first and foremost.

I decide for myself what is right and what is wrong.

My mind is my sharpest blade.

Our differences make us strong.

We value freedom above all else. We will fight against tyranny, in whatever form it appears.

Secrets are our currency. We seek to know all that we can, and then act upon what we’ve learned however we please.

Our Strengths

Though the night is dark, we find strength in each other. Those outside the Neverdawn will never trust us, and so it is paramount that we place trust in one another. Others find the rigidity of rules to be comforting. We are malleable, we adapt, we overcome. And the Dweller in Shadow watches over us.

Our Magics

The Dweller in Shadow gifts us with his own magic, that of shadows and water. Using the power of water, we can deflect, reflect and subvert our enemies before striking with the power of the dark. Our shadows enable us to act, whether through bloodshed or necromancy, it is at our disposal.

Events and community

The Syndicate is all about participation. From meeting at the Evermore park online role-play, there are events for events for eveyone