A consortium of guilds who celebrate immersive fantasy.

Do you want to geek out about Evermore?

The Syndicate was founded by fans of Utah’s Evermore Park, a Victorian themed town where fantasy role-play is encouraged and reinforced by a character cast, authentic buildings, and an evolving plot.

Do you want to role-play with us?

Build a character, join a guild, and participate in our text-based or face-to-face RPs.

Are you a creator?

We love to see what our Syndicate members are creating. From cosplay to art to music, all are welcome to share here.

Hear the story of the Syndicate

Originally the Syndicate was a single guild ruled by powerful beings known as Whisperers. But ever since the Night of the Schism, five guilds splintered off with their own agendas.

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Learn how to cast spells

A tremendous advantage to members of the Syndicate is their access to the five paths of magic. Through powerful scrolls, spell casters draw on these paths to affect the world around them.

Events and Community


Make new friends and join the story!

Explore the worlds of the Syndicate

In order to enrich our role-play, the Syndicate has created many diverse worlds with detailed maps, lore, and races. The Syndi-verse is ever expanding and evolving.

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Visit Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, UT

The mecca for fantasy immersion! Evermore Park is 11 acres taken right out of Victorian England with a fantasy twist. The character cast features fairies, elves, knights, vampires, and goblins. Visitors are encouraged to dress up, role-play, and participate in quests. Week after week, conflicts arise and players contribute to the storyline.