Hallowed Vanguard

The Call

“Fire and sweat. That is all that separates rough iron from sharpened steel. Pound by pound, beat by beat, a sword is formed over the flame. Just as brittle and worthless as the ore was, the sword is able and absolute. I will take a boy and make a titan. I will take a girl and form a Valkyrie. I make squires mighty lords and maidens unquestioned queens. With my fire and your sweat, we will form this world into perfection. Now, gather your allies, my forge lords. Stoke the flames and sound the horn of war. For on the morrow, the Hallowed Vanguard will make steel from this rough.” -The Priestess

Who We Are

The tides of evil and corruption batter the Syndicate on every front. Forgotten tales of dark deeds and evil have now come to bear as our homes and families are made the new battle’s front. No longer can we turn a blind eye to that which offends us. No longer can we afford to rest easy in comfort whilst darkness sprawls forth from the portal of Lore. The Call has sounded.

Where others would turn and seek sanctuary, there stands a bastion in defiance.  There stands the Hallowed Vanguard.


The Five Tenets

Walk uprightly and honorably. Follow the example of the Giver in all things.

Strengthen your brothers and sisters within and without the Vanguard.

Fight evil wherever it rears its ugly head.

Follow the laws of the Syndicate and Evermore.

Train your body and mind for the rigors it must face. Seek to expand your understanding of evermore magics.

A Proud Heritage

Before the Schism, we were a grand order with thousands of knights, paladins, and holy mages, led by the great Evander “Ironsoul” Corwin. We boasted the strongest fighting force. Our holy order were Spartan-like forces trained and uplifted by the Giver herself. We were beggars, poor farmers, families scraping by on the trash of the wealthy, then the Giver found us and showed us the light. She showed us the ways of truth and honor. She showed us we could be better than we were. She showed us that standing idly by and waiting for our lots to improve would never produce change. So we learned to act.

For years we trained and for years we fought until we were the strongest fighting force in all the Eververse. During the battle that divided the Syndicate, we were betrayed by those we thought friends and allies. The flanks we were counting on being protected were not. We were all but wiped out. Our proud brotherhood was nearly destroyed. Evander Corwin was pronounced dead. We were reduced to a scattered and battered band of knights and men-at-arms. Now we seek to rebuild. We seek to reclaim the brotherhood we lost. We seek to return to our former glory under the direction of our new leader, Freya Dulnkirk, and transform the Hallowed Vanguard into an even greater force for good in the world.

Our Strength

Our strength is first in the Priestess, the Giver, the Angel of light. She formed the Vanguard and trained us to be warriors. She leads us through her chosen envoy, Freya Dulnkirk. Second, our strength comes from our brotherhood. All brothers and sisters from any walk of life, rich and poor, strong and weary, dull and bright all have an equal place in the Vanguard. Third, our strength comes from our honor. We walk in the light, giving of ourselves in defense of those around us. We hold to our code and valor when others do not. Fourth, our strength comes from our action. Fate will not decide our course for us. We act when others are too timid to do so. We train when others would lie down, we fight when others would flee. Come! And be strong with us, or be a spectator elsewhere.

Our Magics

The Giver has granted our order great power. We have the powers of both creation and destruction at our fingertips. Members of our guild can cast light magic and fire magic. We are the healers and the destroyers. No greater ally, and no more fearsome adversary exists than a Vanguard mage. Whether you seek to heal and revive the sick and wounded, or cleanse the Eververse of evil and wickedness with the fires of retribution, the Vanguard affords the power to do so.

Events and community

The Syndicate is all about participation. From meeting at the Evermore park online role-play, there are events for events for eveyone