Getting Started

Come to the park on a quest day and find one of us, we’ll catch you up!


  • Do not act in a way that will bring shame to the Syndicate.
  • Wear the Syndicate Insignia while playing within Evermore. This is a red cloth tied around your right arm.
  • No running in Evermore. If someone is approaching you to cast a spell on you, do not turn away, take it like a man!
  • Do not involve non-Syndicate visitors in Syndicate quests or spells, but please talk to them if they’re curious.
  • If a non-Syndicate visitor asks what you are doing, explain what the Syndicate is as simply and politely as possible. Point them to Roan if they are interested in joining the Syndicate.
  • Do not involve Evermore cast in Syndicate quests or spells.
  • Do not touch other Syndicate members, even when casting spells.

“We would like Evermore to continue to allow us to play as we wish. This absolutely requires us to protect the experience of non-Syndicate visitors of Evermore.”


Purpose: Help the Champions of Lore discover the truth behind the fall of the Syndicate.

Objectives: Follow the mysterious riddle to find your contact in Evermore.

Rewards: 10 Experience Points

Purpose: Help Septimus Jack with a number of questionable tasks.

Objectives: Find Septimus Jack in Evermore Park.

Rewards: 5 Experience Points and Gain the Mages Pact

The Lightbringer

Defenders of Light and Truth

The Giver

Warriors of Ambition and Law

Dweller in Shadow

Masters of Secrets and Shadow

The Taker

Lords of Destruction and Chaos

Oath Breakers

Vigiliantes of Adaption
and Intrique 

The World needs more of magic. You can help.