Getting Started

Simple Steps for Getting Started:

  1. Create a Character
  2. Start Playing
  3. Go on Quests

Step 1: Create Your Character

The Syndicate world is alive and ever changing, there is a lot to take in so don’t be afraid to rely on others within the Syndicate for help and ask questions. We all were where you are now, so we’ll do our best to help you on your journey!

The first step to your journey is to create your character and to tell us about it. To help you we have created an easy to fill form with some basic details to let us know who you will be playing, and some quick templates with stats to help you get playing.

Step 2: Start Playing

Jumping in is the best way to overcome any inhibitions and get questions answered by our incredible community.

Familiarize yourself with the rules and etiquette of Discord interaction found here.

At this point you can introduce your character in the #character-introductions room, or you can wait until you’ve fleshed out your character a bit more. Introduce yourself in the #general room or the #off-topic-ooc room.

The easiest place to get started role playing your character is in the #the-generalist-tavern discord room. A good way to get started is to say something like this: “[insert character name here] enters the tavern for the first time. He/she locates an open barstool and asks the bartender there for a drink.” Feel free to chime in on an ongoing conversation, seek someone who’s not doing anything, or wait for someone to approach you! (the people in the tavern aren’t usually shy in welcoming new faces)

Feel free to explore throughout the Syndicate Realms! A description of all the various syndicate rooms can be found here.

Step 3: Go on quests! Slay monsters! Have fun!

There are many benefits to joining a guild. Each guild has its own community, values, private chat rooms, and structures. In addition, you’ll get access to two types of magical element that you can print and cast, both in-person and online. You cannot progress beyond level 3 until you join a guild.


Each of the Guilds have their own set of values and ideals, as well as goals and missions. Consider carefully which one to join, changing guilds after joining one is highly discouraged. Here is the information currently available for each guild.

Events and community

The Syndicate is all about participation. From meeting at the Evermore park online role-play, there are events for events for eveyone

Visit Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, UT

The mecca for fantasy immersion! Evermore Park is 11 acres taken right out of Victorian England with a fantasy twist. The character cast features fairies, elves, knights, vampires, and goblins. Visitors are encouraged to dress up, role-play, and participate in quests. Week after week, conflicts arise and players contribute to the storyline.